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14 Day Free Trial Event Rider Fitness

I am super excited to announce that I am launching my first online programme specifically designed for event riders to help you improve your strength & fitness so you can improve your riding & get the results you want.

The number 1 struggle I see within riders is back pain, so many suffer from lower back pain & it impacts their riding drastically as well as making the experience no longer enjoyable which in my eyes is so tragic. We all ride because we love it right? Ok maybe not every single time we ride, or if we have a bad flatwork day, but the reason we do it comes down to our passion, so why continue if you're no longer having fun & getting joy from your riding?

I am on a mission to rid you of your pain & soreness, get you stronger and more balanced to get you back to enjoying your riding & feeling great doing so. The 14 day free trial is an example of the style of training we do on the Event Rider Fitness Programme; on the 12 week programme exercises will be customised to your goals, abilities & injury history. The trial shows essential exercises I include on programmes that are important to do to strengthen your posterior chain muscles in order to strengthen your gluteal & lower back muscles. Core strength & balance work is a big component of the programme alongside mobility work to improve your flexibility which will help weak tight muscles to lengthen which in turn should relieve pain.

Each day of the trial has a specific focus such as cardio & core day, lower body and there are 5 workouts each week, one of which is optional depending on your fitness & ability. All workouts are 15-35 minutes so you can fit them into your busy days, from home with no equipment. Mobility routines are also included as well warm ups and advice on rest days. A nutrition advice guide is provided in the app alongside your Event Rider Fitness 101 Guide, covering all key information you need to know before beginning the trial. Your workouts will be delivered to you via an app so you can do the workouts anytime, anywhere whenever works for you. I understand the need for your workouts to be time efficient, easy to follow & easy to access so have bought the programme to you in the simplest way possible! Through the trial you will have access to the facebook community group where you can ask questions, check in, take part in challenges, share your journey & follow live workouts.

I am so so excited to have produced this for you and am really excited to see how you find the programme &here all your feedback! In return for 14 days of free workouts, I am asking for you to share your results at the end through reviews, photos & measurements so I can improve the programme & help more riders!

The programme starts on Monday 27th April, registrations will close at 6pm Sunday night so get yourself signed up and ready to start now! Good luck guys

Katie X

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