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Thomas Heffernan Ho, 4* Team Hong Kong Event Rider & Olympian

Training with Katie over the past 2 years has helped improve my riding hugely & because of this I am now achieving the results I need at competitions, hitting new PB's every time I compete & culminated with my lifetime goal of competing at Tokyo OIympics this year!​


By pushing me to work on my weaker muscles I have improved my balance & core strength whilst in the saddle. My suppleness & flexibility has hugely improved too; in my first session with Katie I couldn't touch my toes & now I find this really easy to do!


I would highly recommend Katie's sessions to any rider who wants to improve their performance.


Jenny Pegler, Small Group Training Client

Katie is a fantastic knowledgeable trainer, she is great at making sessions enjoyable but also works you hard to get results.


Very adaptable to accommodate all fitness levels & injuries. 100% recommend Katie she is a superstar!

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Helen Bates, International Event Rider 

Katie has been massively influential in my performance this year. She has pushed me to do my best in every session yet never beyond what I am capable of.


I can see and feel the physical improvement in every session. I am already much more aware of my body & what it’s doing, particularly when riding and feel much more balanced and stable.


As an equestrian athlete in a competitive sport, I also feel it’s important to exercise out of the saddle, which I believe can massively help our mental well-being.


Katie has completely transformed my riding and I always come out from a session feeling renewed and ready for the next one.


I am so much stronger and happier as a result of my coaching with Katie, and would encourage others to start training with her. Once you start you won’t regret it!


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Kim Croutear, Polo Player & Event Rider

Katie has helped me loads over the last few months to achieve my fitness goals, improve my results in the saddle & fix ongoing niggling lower back pains.

Her extensive knowledge & attention to detail, combined with her understanding of riding has taken my training to a new level.


She has helped me with imbalances & weaknesses that have bugged me for years and my core strength, balance and flexibility are all feeling better than ever. I really appreciate her support and wouldn't hesitate to recommend her.


Silva Cooper, Small Group Training Client

I always enjoy the sessions and look forward to going to the gym to coach with Katie.


She keeps you working hard but with lots of attention to correct form & considers any injuries you may have.


She makes the sessions fun and varied so you forget that it's hard work and keeps pushing you so you can’t be lazy!


 If I want to improve in a certain area Katie makes sure there is focus on that within the session even if it is within a group.

Katie keeps her attention on your form throughout the reps and if you are struggling she keeps encouraging you or adjusts the weight as necessary.

I have improved my strength, particularly my upper body and core. This has improved my yoga, running, cycling and swimming. I feel healthier and strong.


Jasmine Punter, Amateur Showjumper & Freelance Equestrian Photographer

I’d been struggling for years with my approach to food & fitness. I was stuck with my self-confidence & had picked up some really poor eating habits over the years that were starting to really impact me.


I’d struggled with maintaining my weight & actually being happy with the weight I was for around 12 years & I just couldn’t find the balance of losing weight whilst maintaining a healthy mindset around food to support my training & riding. I’d got to the point where I’d slightly given up caring as I’d reached my heaviest & it was having a big effect on my self-worth & esteem.

With Katie’s support & guidance we came up with a sustainable & realistic plan that worked for me around managing jumping my horses & photography business.


Time was definitely not a luxury I had so it was all about having a programme that gave me what I needed in the time I had & I could work into my days even if I was away.

The results I’ve had with the horses towards the end of this season have just been amazing too & I definitely put a big part of that down to how much fitter & stronger I’m feeling in the saddle. I can definitely feel myself riding better & the horses going their best.

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