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I am Katie, the founder of Event Rider Fitness. With a strong equestrian background from birth I have had a successful career within the eventing and showjumping world as both a competitor & groom. I have competed up to 3* level eventing & was part of the Team GB pony European team winning team silver at the European Championships & placing 6th individually.  With my first hand knowledge & experience, I understand the physical & mental demands of high level sport & how to implement your training programme into this.

For as long as I can remember I have been a fitness fanatic, long-distance running & hockey teams were my love in my youth, alongside the horses and today I still love to run, having completed London marathon in 2014 & 2018, Amsterdam Marathon in 2019 & Manchester 2021 with a PB! I love all kinds of resistance & strength training to help my body become stronger & within my programme I focus on alot of single leg training, core work & compound movements. I have a very lazy left leg which results in weakness so I focus alot of attention on working individual sides & know how it can impact & improve your riding performance.

Equestrianism can be a tough sport & I am committed to helping all levels & abilities of riders to improve their fitness levels leading to results improving & getting those wins! With customised programmes specific to your needs I will help you understand the importance of building your strength, increasing your overall fitness & being the best you can be. I

I am a firm believer if we treat our horses like athletes then why not ourselves?

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