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20 Minute Rider Workout That You Can Do Anywhere!

Okay so I know it's damp, it's cold and it's getting dark earlier but that's no excuse to not move. Having more time in the evenings indoors means you've got more time to either train at home or get yourself down to the gym. I know this weather can be hard to get yourself motivated but remember doing something is always better than nothing. Short, sharp workouts can be effective if they are laid out correctly and give your body enough work & stress to elicit a response! They can be fantastic for getting you fat loss results too & have huge health benefits.

Don't think just because your sessions are only 20 minutes they can't be effective or give you results. If you're training sessions/time are this short I would suggest your sessions have a variety of everything you need so you have a balanced training program. What I mean by this is including strength work, mobility, core and cardio work so you're getting everything across your training week.

This session can be done from anywhere, no kit required, I'd love to know if you give it a go and I hope it helps to get you moving. I would suggest you run through 5-10 minutes of gentle cardio work or a mobility flow first to make sure you're properly warmed up. Enjoy!

Mobility Warm Up;

Cat Cows x 8 of each

Spidermans x 5 e/s

Glute Bridge x 10

T Rotations x 10-12 e/s

Lunge to Rotate x 5 e/s

x 2 rounds

Set your timer for 40 seconds work followed by 20 rest & work through this circuit doing 1 exercise then the next;

40 x Sumo Squats (Count 3-2-1 in your head as you lower & take it dead slow! The wider stance & toes turned out really gets your inner thighs & glutes working)

20 rest

40 x Reverse Lunge to Balance RS

20 rest

40 x Reverse Lunge to Balance LS (40 seconds for each side so you really work your legs & challenge your stability! Make sure you focus on hitting that hold at the top-exhale as you bring your knee up to engage that core & balance)

20 rest

40 x Deadbug (alternating sides; keep contact with your ribcage & the floor throughout. If this is easy do both legs together!)

20 rest

Like this advanced version....(use your breathing to control your back & push your ribcage to the floor!)

40 x Negative Push Ups (all about the lower keep the lower as slow as you can-if you can add a slight pause in the bottom perfect! If too hard do these on your knees)

20 rest

40 x Down Ups (Keep them controlled squat down, step/jump out in your plank. Hold a strong plank position then jump back up. Don't let them get messy!

20 rest

Advanced Version if you need more challenge let your chest come all the way down to the floor, these will get spicy!.....

I'd aim to complete 3 rounds which would be 18 minutes but if you've got time & are feeling good crack on & do 4-5 rounds. Obviously how many rounds you do will depend on your current ability & fitness level so make sure you push yourself to work hard but can maintain quality & correct form throughout to keep yourself safe! Enjoy! Let me know if you give it a go!

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