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2021 all wrapped up! Merry Christmas all

My final blog of 2021! What a huge year it’s been. When I was packing up presents to send off to my clients last night I felt pretty emotional, last year I sent sweets & a card & this year I have branded tops & so much change has happened.

I absolutely love what I do & having built a business doing something I enjoy & love so much whilst combining my 2 passions of horses & fitness has just been awesome.

My clients give me 100% every day & helping them to work through the tough times as well as the good has been so rewarding this year. We all know with horses & family just how tough things can be let alone during a pandemic too.

I want to say a big thank you to all of my clients for trusting me to coach them & I am so excited for 2022. To see where Event Rider Fitness & myself go but to also see what else my kickass clients achieve!

It's’ now time for some proper switch off & it is most definitely needed! I’m excited to slow down & have some more time for my own training, dogs & horses & looking forwards to a fun few weeks.

I know for some of you this time of year can be tricky to navigate whilst keeping on track with your food & fitness but the most important thing is to remember to enjoy it! I wrote a blog last week about controlling your food during Christmas so if you’re feeling apprehensive about that then check it out! This isn’t the time to be stressing about your protein intake or your scale weight.

After last year just enjoy your time with friends & family! It’s a precious time & should be enjoyed! I know I will be.

Keep yourself moving, I know I’ll be doing plenty of mucking out & I expect you will be too!

If you can keep your training going do so then you’ve got some kind of a routine to stick to & help you keep focused. Be mindful of your choices but I hope you have a very merry Christmas & the most wonderful time.

I hope you all manage to take some time to properly switch off & relax! Merry Christmas all, have a fabulous New year & time with your friends & family.

See you all in 2022!


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