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Easy Thoracic Spine Mobility

Are you finding you're suffering from tight hips & a sore back? For lots of you, I bet you're spending alot more time at a computer these days or at your desk & all that extra time seated is giving you soreness. Or maybe you find your always a bit stiff & sore from riding in general.

Mobilising & opening up your thoracic spine region is essential to make sure you have good mobility through the mid-region of your spine where it should be mobile & therefore the areas that should be stable, such as the lower back, are & do not compensate or try to give you mobility as you are lacking good mobility & movement elsewhere.

The T-spine also forms part of your core stability & your ability to transfer force from the horse under you, so making sure it is both mobile & stable is key. If there is too much movement going on in the spine you will become unbalanced especially in the saddle but vice versa if there is not enough movement you will get almost a stuck effect.

This is a super simple thoracic spine flow to work through at home, no kit required just take 5-10 minutes & focus on getting yourself moving! Try to focus on moving through your upper region of the spine & not just dumping on your lower back. This routine focuses on moving the T-spine through flexion, extension & rotation.

Give this routine a go-you can use it at the end of the day, or in your lunch break or pre riding. Start with 2 rounds & aim to work up to 3 rounds, repeating the routine 2 x per week.

1- T Spine Cat Cows; Keep your bum pushed towards your heels & focus on moving through the mid-region of your spine. Nice & slow deep exhales. 40 seconds.

2-Quadruped Rotations; Kneeling in all fours position push your bum onto your heels & gently rotate your elbow up towards the sky by moving through your mid-back. Keep the rotation in your back & not in your hips. 10 reps on each side.

3-Dynamic Lunge to rotation; This hits both spinal & hip mobility. Bring one foot to the outside of your hand, place back knee on the floor if you need if the hip is tight then gently rotate the arm on the same side up towards the ceiling rotating through your back. Step back & repeat on the other side. Nice deep exhales 5 reps each side.

Give this flow a go & let me know how you find it! It will help you with your movement & back mobility keeping you moving better & more comfortable!

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