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Me time; getting caught up in the pace of life

It’s easy with the pace of life to get swept up & caught in all the craziness. Whether you’re running around behind your kids all day, doing the horses, or trying to run a business, it is most definitely a juggling act every day to fit everything in & nail every bit of your day & it can seem like life is just passing you by sometimes with you struggling to hang on.

Being busy is obviously great but it’s really easy when things are manic & you get caught up in the speed of life to completely forget to make time for yourself.

I’m not talking about making time to go for a hack or go to the gym, I’m talking about truly making time for yourself. Doing something that is completely unrelated to horses, work, the kids, fitness & is just something that you have fun doing & enjoy.

Recently one of my business coaches explained the concept of undistracted me time to me. It’s an incredibly simple concept yet I’ve never really considered if I do or don’t actually make time for this for myself.

When we’re talking about undistracted me-time we are referring to taking a block of time & doing something for yourself that you truly enjoy. That could be going out for a lush dinner with your boyfriend or it might be watching a film one evening or maybe it’s going & doing something silly & fun like go ape or cliff jumping. Whatever floats your boat! But you dedicate this time to being 100% fully present. Leave your phone out of the room or on silent & you truly have this totally undistracted me time.

It only takes one person to remind you how important it is to do things like this & over the past couple of weeks it is something I’ve been really trying to implement. And I have to say I’ve truly enjoyed it & it’s helped me to feel far less overwhelmed & like I have more time if anything.

As someone who’s currently running their own business, trying to train for a marathon & a triathlon, learn to swim, ride my horse it is super easy for me to just end up feeling totally overwhelmed & this is a great way to really help me take a breath & realise I’ve got lots of great things to be grateful for & plenty of time.

Looking after yourself is just as important as your horse but it's so easy to disregard that & put all your energy into everyone else. The problem is if you continually put all your energy into everyone else or your animals & not yourself you’ll get to a point where you can no longer look after everyone else as you haven’t been looking after no 1.

That’s YOU

We all know what a mentally demanding & tough place the horse world can be & it’s so important you stop & make time to look after your mental as well as physical wellbeing. In the long run, it will really help you to manage your days better but also enjoy life more too!

It’s so easy to just get caught up in the world & let the speed of life zoom you by but try to start taking some ME time once or twice a week & see how you find it helps your general wellbeing, enjoyment of day to day life & how your mental health improves too! Remember looking after you is your number 1 priority & protecting your mental health is just as important as the physical.

I’d love to hear if this is something you find you struggle with & what sort of things you are going to do to take time out for yourself!


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