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What is online coaching?

In this current day & age, home training is most definitely the way to go for many of us. Many trainers are now offering online coaching as well as their standard in-person services which is exactly what I have done to be able to help as many riders as I can with their health & fitness goals. However, a good question I had the other day from a client is what is the difference between a zoom session & 121 online coaching. So I thought I would run through how online coaching works, the differences between PT and online coaching & the benefits of working with an online coach.

Zoom PT is not online coaching, let’s just first clarify that. Zoom has been a great tool to help many of us to be able to continue to train our regular clients through this uncertain time but it is a tool for the times & should not be confused with online coaching. Zoom sessions are the same as in-person PT, you do your session each week at your allotted time, work with your trainer face to face focusing on technique & movement & have contact with your trainer as you need before your next session the following week.

Online coaching is an entirely different service covering all aspects of personal training from training, to nutrition, to recovery, to accountability the list goes on, to give you the results you want! The biggest part of online coaching & the reason it is so successful is the level of support you receive as a client. Online coaching is very results-focused whatever your goal & therefore I am here to give you as much support as you need whilst on your programme.

Many people have the perception you just get given a training plan & that’s it, off you go and work through it let me know when you need a new one. This is not the case at all! If that is your experience of online coaching then I suggest you go elsewhere to a better coach.

Online coaching gives you the chance to work with a trainer in a very close 121 environment whilst giving you the freedom & flexibility to work the programme & training around your life & commitments. You can train whenever suits you and from wherever you like, making your training fit into your schedule as opposed to fighting into a weekly PT slot for £40 and getting charged if you end up not making or missing your session. The most important thing is that you find a coach that you feel gets you, shares similar values & understands what you need and also want! There are many coaches out there so it is really about doing your research, learning about their service & finding the best coach for you.

Training programmes are 100% personalised to you depending on your goals, limitations, previous injuries & what you enjoy. Your sessions are designed for you to hit your goals but also to make sure they practically work for you! They are tailored to you lengthwise and can be as long or as short as you wish & want, it’s all about making your training fit into your life & giving you the most effective sessions. Plus if you’re training from home you save a huge amount of time as opposed to running back & forth to your local gym.

Structure of your programme through online coaching is another huge aspect of why online coaching is so different from regular PT. You will be given a structured plan that has been designed for you to get the absolute most out of your programme, every week & every single session. The programme is all about making it work for you as opposed to you having to fit your schedule around your trainers. Your sessions & training are carefully designed for you with a block focus through your programme which focuses on you achieving your big goal as opposed to just rocking up to the gym & your trainer “beasting” you through a random session. The specificity to your goals & wants is really key with your online coaching to make sure you get those results you came for.

Cost of online coaching is another big difference to either face to face or zoom PT. When you’re training 121 with someone in person you are paying for that hour of their time, however online coaching you are paying for the full package. Rather than paying £40 per PT session, you are paying somewhere between £95-£149 for the full month of coaching which includes all of your weekly check-ins, nutrition advice, training programme, support, daily contact, training updates, group support & education. Anyone who trains with me through online coaching my goal is to educate you & help you to live a healthier lifestyle & maintain your fitness through life so you can ride to your best. This isn’t a “quick fix” approach & learning is a huge part of online coaching so you know how to sustain these results long term for yourself.

Accountability is one of the biggest perks of online coaching. You constantly have your coach in the background checking up on you, sending you messages, checking your progress on the app making sure you’ve completed all your tasks for the week. For many, the accountability of having someone there at the end of the week is huge as well as making you hold yourself accountable. It’s up to you to check in with me every week, do each session & for many, weekly check-ins can be a really good self-reflection of why or why not you’ve had the best week & help you understand what may have not worked. It’s all about celebrating your wins & working through any struggles together but the structure will hold you accountable as well as being accountable to the coach you are working with.

Support & daily contact is the other part of accountability. As opposed to just seeing your trainer once a week & trying to fit in a weigh-in, a chat about macros & training all in your hour session you have constant support through messenger & chat as well as through our group community page on social media. You can ask any questions you might have about any part of your journey and get the answers you have always wondered! Having the support of others on the same journey as you through the online community can be a huge morale boost too & make you realise you are not alone. Everyone cheers each other on & is part of the community, this can be a huge aspect to online coaching & if you’re working with others who get you it can give you a huge sense of belonging & make your fitness journey far more enjoyable!

Online coaching also forces you to take ownership of your own training & nutrition. You’re not going to have a PT standing next to you counting to 10, telling you to do 2 more when your legs are getting tired so it’s up to you to push yourself & move out of your comfort zone to get the results you are capable of. It’s a great feeling of empowerment & makes you feel like you are completely invested in this journey which in turn helps your motivation to push you to work harder. You get out what you put in, I give you all the guidance, support, advice & help you need but ultimately it is you who needs to do the hard work. It’s your hard work & dedication that will get you the results, not the plan. That’s important to remember, hard work always wins.

Learning & educating yourself about all things training & nutrition in relation to your riding is so important. I want all of my online clients to understand why they are doing what they are & why I may ask you to do a particular thing. Everything has a reason & is there for a purpose. For many, the fitness industry is a very confusing place & inaccurate information & myths are often shared with you rather than evidence-based facts. There is no right or wrong however it is important to understand & learn what your training will do to your body, how your nutrition affects your weight & energy and how to balance your training journey around your life to get the most out of it. I would like to think that most of my online clients feel like they have learnt something whilst they’ve worked with me, fingers crossed!

Online coaching is a great way of training if you are serious about achieving your goals. Find a coach that you feel suits your ethos & shares similar beliefs, it’s important to work with someone you feel you like & who will understand you. Online coaching is all about the full package & the long term picture as opposed to that hour of time you spend in the gym once a week. Hopefully, this helps to give you a little more understanding of exactly what 121 online coaching is & how it can be a great service to help you to achieve your goals.

If you’re interested in 121 online coaching I currently have 2 spaces available in November. Click the link here to book your free 30-minute consult call & see if I may be able to help you with your riding fitness!

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