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 121 ONLINE bespoke coaching for female equestrians
to become stronger, fitter & healthier
so you can REGAIN YOUR HAPPINESS, achieve your goals
& enjoy your riding again!


fitness programme delivered via app 

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12 week initial training programme delivered via an app to your device, allowing you access anytime, anywhere to your sessions to train from home, the yard or the gym. You have exercise video demos to give you direction & form checks via video


Customised workouts every week with a specific focus, according to your goals & also giving you what you need.


Mobility routines, warm-ups, strength & cardio workouts all included so you have every element of fitness in one place.


Programmes are fully customised to you based on goals, following a movement screen, preferences & any injuries. 

results tracker

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Results tracker on the app so you can record & measure all progress & metrics over time including fitness progress, weight, measurements & photos.


Nutrition advice customised for your goals to help you achieve the results you want


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Facebook community private group, daily in-app messaging, weekly video check in calls for accountability & support, fitness 101 guide, welcome pack & nutrition advice guide all included to help get you the maximum results as well as meal planners & many other tools!

You have all the support you need to make this journey fun but make sure you get to your goals.

personalised training sessions for you 

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