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Gemma's Journey

In this week's blog, I wanted to share with you one of my client's success stories. Gemma approached me a few months back after seeing a post on Facebook where I was giving away a free movement guide.

She wanted to have a look at the guide & we got chatting. The reason she was interested in finding out more about fitness, movement & mobility was that she was suffering from chronic back pain on a daily.

Juggling working part-time hours as a disability nurse, freelance grooming & being a Mum of 4 as well as making time for her own dressage career & riding Gemma was seriously struggling. She was aiming to step up her 6-year-old to Elementary tests but her lack of strength & stiffness in the saddle was seriously holding them both back. She knew she had to do something about improving her core strength & help her back pain which she had been struggling with for 11 years after pelvic issues during her last pregnancy.

Over the years she had ignored the issue, tried some pilates, seen physios & chiros & had finally resorted to just relying on painkillers to get through the days. If she took her daughter out to a show when she was stood by the ring watching or holding the ponies her back was ceasing up & going into spasm. This meant that all she could do was lie down in the lorry & taking her daughter out to shows was becoming something of a worry as she always worried about how she was going to feel & what might happen rather than enjoying the day.

She had gotten to the point that she was worried medical professionals would tell her to stop riding so had dealt with this by herself but things were not improving. At 38 she was blaming her pain on her age which in your late 30's is not a valid excuse & certainly not something to just put up with!

Some mornings she was finding it was so painful that she couldn't even get out of bed as it hurt to stand up & walk. Her approach had been just keeping going as normal for everyone even though she admitted herself if her horse was in this much trouble she'd give him the best of everything! She was willing to give anything a go & that's when she made the decision to start coaching with me & what a journey it has been.

Gemma has kindly shared her journey in this interview with me so you can hear firsthand how the 12-week coaching programme changed her life for good!

Part 1; What was the problem you were facing before working with Katie?

Part 2; What had you tried before to help you?

Part 3; What were the results of your coaching with Katie?

Part 4; What would your advice be to anyone considering starting their own coaching?

Thank you so much to Gemma for sharing her story & I hope that helps you all to see how you can turn things around for good & live a healthier, happier, painless life! A massive well done to Gemma for all of her hard work & commitment that got her to this place too! If you're struggling like Gemma was then feel free to get in touch, drop me a DM, or fill in my application form HERE.

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