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Online fitness coaching & personal training specific to your Equestrian sport.


Personalised training programmes for home or the gym designed for you to achieve your riding, fitness goals & enjoy your training. 

Every element of training from strength, cardio to flexibility covered!


Nutrition advice & guidance educating you how to eat & build a balanced diet that gives you sustainable results and is designed with your long term goals in mind.


No restrictions, fads or nonsense just a healthy & sensible approach educating you about nutrition so you can make informed choices, fuel your training & riding & keep yourself on track for the long run.


Daily support via messenger to hold you accountable & keep you on track.


Weekly video check-ins so we can discuss progress every week & make adjustments to your programme as needed for you to achieve your goals.

All delivered by an interactive app keeping you accountable to me daily!


Facebook private members community for Event Rider Fitness clients enabling you to interact with other like-minded riders & creating a community of fierce fit equestrian women all supporting each other!

"Before starting training with Katie I suffered from lower back pain, my balance & posture needed improvement and I needed to be stronger. I always found everything I was seeing online was unrelated to our sport (eventing) so I was unsure of what I needed to do.


I had previously tried Joe Wicks 90 day plan but found again the program needed to be more personalised to me and my sport. The results of my training have meant I now have less lower back pain, I am stronger in the places I need to be such as my core, shoulders & glutes and I am much more aware of my body which means my posture & balance is much better and I am able to notice weaknesses in myself and the horses more. 


I think most importantly Katie understands the sport so the training is focused on us as equestrian athletes which is rare but in my opinion really important. Katie is always motivating & positive and wants to help us to reach our goals and push beyond them.


My training has helped me mentally too, I always finish my sessions feeling positive & ready to crack on with the horses feeling less stressed and now I feel stronger and am able to ride my horses better I feel I am doing them justice more of the time. Plus I have finally got some abs!"

- Helen Bates International Event Rider 

"I've been training with Katie for just over 2 years now and I can quite honestly say it's the first time I've stuck with any kind of fitness programme for this length of time. Following a couple of hip operations & feeling like I was just getting by with my riding I decided to do something about it.  


Over the years I’ve become so much stronger and this has translated not just into my riding but in my general strength and wellbeing.  Katie’s understanding of what riders do when they are competing is a huge factor in understanding what my body needs to do when I’m playing polocrosse and then being able to tailor my programme to suit this.


For the last 10 years, I’ve had membership and access to our gym at work but have hardly used it, I even had a few PT sessions via them but it didn’t last long! It was hard to see the connection between some of the activities I was doing there and how it supported my riding which I think is why it didn’t last too long.


Not only has my riding improved but I’m also enjoying having far less back and hip pain than I was before as a result of becoming stronger.  I’ve learnt so much more about nutrition -  I’m now much more mindful of how the food I’m eating is helping me feel better & fuelling me. We may all think we are riding fine and fall into the horsey mindset of ‘I’m really active because I ride every day’ but until you begin to train you won't know how much better you can be."

-Laura Scott Polocrosse Player


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Passionate about living a healthy lifestyle around my horses, my mission is to educate & empower equestrian women on the importance of a balanced nutrition & training approach to get you long term sustainable results  that help to improve your riding & get you living a healthier & happier lifestyle for good.

I want to help you fix your struggles or problems so that you become more confident, comfortable & ultimately more competent in your riding. My training approach is about keeping things simple, focusing on specific riding movement patterns & muscle groups to get you progress & become stronger & fitter.


Focusing on areas such as single limb work to help even out muscular imbalances, mobility, hip strength, core stability & glute activation to help you to build your riding strength & give you the results you want.

My true love is my horses. I specialise in coaching female equestrian riders (whether you are a professional competitive rider or a grassroots rider just looking to have fun with your riding) to become fitter & stronger so that you can improve your riding, your well being & life for the long term.


Your fitness is paramount to how you ride and can be the answer to your problems in the saddle. The ability to correct any imbalances in the saddle, strengthen your core muscles and ensure you are pain-free when riding is my mission as well as making you as physically strong as possible so mentally you know you can kick ass!

Getting fit or a training programme shouldn’t be a punishment. It’s an amazing and empowering lifestyle decision that is achievable for every rider, all it takes is a little consistency, direction & hard work.

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