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What makes me the go-to rider coach?

Event Rider Fitness is the go-to hub for all riders who are looking to change their health & fitness once & for all. My coaching programme is first & foremost about getting you the results you want but most of all helping you to sustain those results for the rest of your life.

That may sound a bit fluffy but it’s true because for most of you, you have probably tried something before, maybe been struggling with body image or not getting results or maybe not seeing progress in your training. You’ve tried a method, had a little bit of progress but then found it entirely unrealistic & unsustainable to stick to in the long run with your busy life & pretty quickly you lose all your gains, motivation slides & end up back at square 1, sound familiar?

We’ve all been there & that is what allows me as a coach to understand where you’re at & have the ability to help you because I’ve been there too. So I do get it. I know what it feels like to think what the heck am I doing? What is the best way to get myself fitter? I am doing the right things, so I am completely with you.

So what makes me the go-to “Equestrian coach” then?

Well, my answer is pretty simple.

Because I get it. That is it. I get this lifestyle. I live the same days as my clients juggling work, running a business, fitting in training sessions, making progress with my performance, riding my horses, making time for my other half so I get it.

I know the feeling of there never being enough hours in the day. Rushing off a zoom call to go out & sneak a hack in in that 30-minute gap you've got but I also know the feeling of how disappointing it can be when everything doesn't align at your show at the weekend when you’ve been putting all your work & effort into it. I understand the heartbreak of losing a horse or the pain when you’ve fallen off so I truly get it. I understand the life & sometimes this is just horses but it sure is a bumpy ride!

There are other “rider coaches” out there but this is most definitely where I hold my own. My experience & background having grown up around horses all my life, groomed & competed in various disciplines to a high standard, travelling all around the world has allowed me an insight into the demands riders of all levels face both physically & mentally. I know what it feels like to be under pressure whilst competing & just how physically fit & fast you need to be but also get how knackering working full time with horses is & the toll a long day on the yard or at a show takes on your body.

Paired with my knowledge & experience in the fitness & nutrition space I then tailor a training & nutrition programme that is completely bespoke to you & will be specific to your riding performance to get you to that end goal. This is where Event Rider Fitness comes in & why I am THE rider coach.

My mission is to give every female rider the energy, confidence & empowerment to live a lifestyle that has you feeling your best all-round every day both on & off your horse so that you can truly enjoy your life & make the most out of it!

As women, our bodies can be a complex space & this is something I incorporate into all of my training & coaching programmes. Understanding aspects such as our menstrual cycles & hormones is so important within a training & nutrition programme & this can sometimes be forgotten yet is a crucial part of getting you results or not.

Obviously, male trainers will be educated on this but it’s another element of understanding exactly what you as my client are facing & I know how this feels so I can empathise with you.

I bring to the table that inside knowledge & understanding of the lifestyle you live daily but also the passion for horses which at the end of the day is what we all have in common & why we're here. We’re all striving to be our best to get the absolute most out of our horses & riding. I am so lucky to be combining two of my passions, riding & fitness together & this is where I want to enable other female riders to do the same & through Event Rider Fitness we are creating a community of Equestrians doing just this.

Every rider should have the chance to feel like this! If you want more information on my background & who I am then you can find out more here!

I hope this helps you to see why I understand the Equestrian fitness space so well & how I can help you to achieve your goals.


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